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From startups and SMEs to large companies and research institutes, we help our customers promote innovation across borders. We provide tailor-made services including technology scouting, business matching, sales support and business intelligence. Share your challenges, needs and desires with us!


We created NordicBiz because we believe that the Nordic and the Baltic countries have a lot to offer to the development of advanced innovative technologies that will play a crucial role in tackling global challenges and realizing a sustainable society.

Why the Nordics and the Baltic region?

In recent years, Northern Europe has not only been known for its global corporations like IKEA, Nokia, AstraZeneca or H&M. The region has also been attracting increasing attention and investments from all over the world as one of the most innovative regions producing the highest number of unicorns (privately-owned startups with a market valuation exceeding $1 billion) per capita. In addition, social and emotional well-being, commitment to sustainability, gender equality, cashless economy or cutting-edge digital transformation through e-governance are all native to this part of the world, making it an attractive destination for investments and business.

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